Get Picture-Perfect Walls with DC PRIMIX-Gypsum Board All Purpose Joint Compound

DC PRIMIX all purpose Gypsum board Joint Compound is a ready-to-use joint compound for the smooth,
high-quality finishing of all panel( Gypsum/Calcium silicate /Fibre Cement etc .) joints . It is preferred by professionals for embeddingreinforcing tape, finishing gypsum panel joints, nail heads and metal corner beads. It has minimal shrinkage and is crack resistant. It can also be used to patch and texture interior walls.


One of the most remarkable features of DC Mix Gypsum Board Joint Compound is its ability to provide a smooth canvas for creativity. Whether you’re applying wallpaper, painting, or adding texture, this compound creates the perfect base for your artistic endeavors. Its smooth application and minimal shrinkage allow your creative vision to shine without the worry of imperfections.

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Why choose DC PRIMIX-Gypsum Board Joint Compound?

For smooth, high-quality finishing of Gypsum/Calcium Silicate/Cement board panel joints.
Creates professional durable finish
Interior Use

Suggested Use

Ideal for smooth, high quality finishing of:

Gypsum Panel Joints
Metal Corner Beads

Application Methodology:

Surface should be clean, firm and free of all foreign material.
Stir thoroughly before use
Apply evenly all ove2. Stir thoroughly before user the surface with even distribution of fine aggregates.
Apply a second coat of joint compound with a 10" knife along joints and over nail heads, smoothing out 2" beyond first coat
Apply a third coat, smoothing out 2" beyond the second coat.
Allow approximately 24 hours between applications before decorating.
Dry time will increase with product thickness, lower temperature and/or higher humidity.
Allow compound to dry thoroughly before sanding.
Alcibays gypsum board joint compound image
Alcibays gypsum board joint compound image

Key Features -

Excellent Workability, Easy application
All Purpose
Minimal Mixing, Ready-to-use
Cracks Fre

Application -

Surface must be clean & free from Dust.
It may have high viscosity in the pail, It may be diluted to workable viscosity by adding water followed by mechanical mixing
Apply compound evenly with a clean putty knife. Fill space between panels.
Allow to dry for approximately 24 hours for next coat or sanding
Thoroughly clean all tools & equipment's after use

Recomendation Use-

All types of Board Joints
Fastener heads
Metal corner beads

Precaution & Limitations -

Always use Clean Tools
Do not mix with residues of previously used compounds
It may appear thick in pail, to achieve desired consistency water can be added
Mix This water gently, vigorous mixing will create bubbles.
Do not overthin material, it may cause cracking & excessive shrinkage

Physical & Chemical Properties

Creamy Paste



68 + 0.6%

Approximately 8 to 24 Hours Dry Time Varies With Temperature , Humidity & Depth of Fill

15 - 20 Sqft / Kg For Joints

12 Months

Alcibays gypsum board joint compound image

A Trusted Partner for Professionals

For professionals in the industry, DC Mix has become more than just a joint compound – it’s a trusted partner. Its consistent performance and ability to elevate the quality of work have earned it a reputation that speaks for itself. Whether it’s a large-scale commercial project or a small residential repair, DC Mix is the go-to choice for professionals who demand perfection.

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