HACK-SOL-PLAST concrete bonding agent, used to bond plasters on smooth low suction surfaces and eliminate hacking (making surface rough, by making impression on to the smooth concrete surface).

HACK-SOL-PLAST is the revolutionary solution that transforms weak concrete connections into unbreakable bonds. Say goodbye to construction worries and embrace the power of HACK-SOL-PLAST for unparalleled strength and stability in your projects.

Reason for Introducing Hack Sol Plast:
Looking at the current scenario of construction market where in huge projects with extensive RCC Concrete structures are coming up, market is shifting from conventional masonry towards Myone shuttering, shear walls. Hacking of extensive concrete surface becomes quiet time consuming and tedious. Also, adhesion of our plasters to smooth surfaces are always doubt full. In order to address changing trends and issues of de-bonding we have introduced" Hack Sol Plast "Bonding Agent.

Image of HACK-SOL-PLAST concrete bonding agent with japanese man

Why at all a Key (grip) is required for application of Plasters on Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) surfaces?

Any Concrete surfaces are smooth
They don’t provide any key (grip) for plasters to adhereto
A key (Grip) can be provided in two mannersa
Hacking – Commonly called as “Tacha” which provides only mechanical key (Grip)
Bonding Agent – Bonding agent provides chemical bonding properties as well as mechanical bonding to the surface it is coated with.
WHY CHOOSE Hack-sol-plast

Specification for Hacking:

Hack marks should be angular rough impact marks 50 in no in an area of 1 Sq Ft. at a depth of % - 1 Inch, clearly exposing the surface beneath.

Consequences of improper hacking:

In adequate and improper hacking leads toweak adhesion of plaster on to the RCC surfaces.
Major portion of RCC. Surfaces are Ceilings, which have large smooth laminar expanse
Plaster which adheres to it in a min.thickness of 8 mm and max. thickness ranging between 15 to 22 mm.
As the ceiling plaster is exposed to gravitational force (which tends to pull the plaster material down when in wet condition) requires adequate grip , hold to adhere and withstand force of gravity if that is lacking, plaster may detach itself from the base surface.
The detached surface which laterally grips adjacent plaster mass, delaminate itself as alayer of plaster any time without priornotice or deflection seen Hence proper firm bonding is most essential The headache and pains which one undergoes inrepairing and redoing the delaminated surface is beyond explanation, it not only involves cost, time but as well keeps oneunder a permanent tension of further de lamination in future

Hack Sol Plast

Used as a Bonding Agent
To apply on all low suction, smooth surfaces before applying S/C plaster E.g.RCC Ceilings RCC Shear Walls all surfaces where bonding can be an issue
It is a water-based emulsion, having pH value within a range of 7 to 9, which makes it neutral non-reactive
It is non inflammable
Eliminates Hacking and ensure strong and firm bond of One Coat S/C Plaster with substrates
Image of HACK-SOL-PLAST concrete bonding agent with japanese man
Image of HACK-SOL-PLAST concrete bonding agent with japanese man

Procedure for HACK-SOL-PLAST concrete bonding agent:

Surface must be clean & free from Dust
It may have high viscosity in the pail, It may be diluted to workable viscosity by adding water followed by mechanical mixing
Apply compound evenly with a clean putty knife. Fill space between panels.
Allow to dry for approximately 24 hours for next coat or sanding
Thoroughly clean all tools & equipment’s after use


Clean the surface with water jet thoroughly to remove dirt, loose, particles etc
Moisten the surface with water
On the entire clean moist surface, apply a coat of HACK Sol PLAST by paint brush or roller or spray
When surface becomes tacky, apply a chat / dash- coat of cement mortar, say in 10 minutes
Tacky period may vary depending on external external atmospheric conditions, saturation degree of substrate etc. Check and ensure that the surface is tacky prior to application
Plaster the surface or place the concrete in the usual manner after setting of the chat/ dash coat.


Approximate Coverage would be 10 Sq Mtr.per Kg., depends Up on background surface and its suction properties

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 1 Year from the date of manufacturing in unopened containers.
Store at the cool and dry place, away from sun heat and under a shaded area.


Wash hands with water after use
Keep away from Eye contact, in case of eye contact wash eye thoroughly with water, if irritation persists kindly consult physician
If at all spills on clothes, wash them with plain water immediately
Image of HACK-SOL-PLAST concrete bonding agent with japanese man


This information is accurate and reliable to the best of the knowledge. It is meant as a guideline only. Durga Enterprises cannot give any guarantees circumstances for the results, or assume any obligation or liability in connection with the use of this information. It is recommended that the product be tested to determine its suitability for specific applications. Since, Durga Enterprises has no control over how others may use its products; it is recommended that the Specifier, Architect , Engineer, Contractor and Owner assume all the responsibilities in connection therewith.

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