DC Bond, is a bonding agent, used to bond gypsum plasters on smooth low suction surfaces and eliminate hacking (making surface rough, by making impression on to the smooth concrete surface) E.g. Concrete surfaces.
Looking at the current scenario of construction market where in Huge projects with extensive RCC Concrete structures are coming up, market is shifting from conventional masonry towards Myone shuttering, shear walls. Hacking of extensive concrete surface becomes quiet time consuming and tedious. Also adhesion of our plasters to smooth surfaces is always doubt full. In order to address changing trends and issues of de-bonding we are planning to bring our own DC Bond gypsum plaster bonding agent.

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DC BOND is gypsum plaster bonding agent for walls

Product Features:

Ready to apply, not to be mixed or diluted
Apply with help of a brush (Used for painting) bristles width 4 or 6 Inches roller.
Contains fine aggregates to impart better mechanical bond
DC Bond is only the bonding agent which imparts both mechanical and chemical bond Green in color, easy to identify applied surfaces
One Coat Plaster can be applied any time once DC Bond dries completely on to the surface, approximate time for drying is 24 hours. (Again it would depend on the climatic conditions and location)
Available in 5 Kgs.,10 Kgs. and 20 Kgs. drums

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 6 Months from the date of manufacturing in unopened containers
Store at the cool and dry place, away from sun heat and under a shaded area.

Application Methodology:

Shake & stir thoroughly before use.
Single One coat application.
Apply evenly all over the surface with even distribution of fine aggregates.
Apply by Paint Brush.
Gypsum plaster can be done once surface is dry.
DC Bond does not require the polymeric film to be tacky during application.
DC Bond does not require dilution.

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DC BOND is gypsum plaster bonding agent for walls

What sets DC Bond-Gypsum Plaster Bonding Agent apart from conventional bonding agents lies in its chemical composition. Designed to create strong adhesion between plaster and various surfaces, this agent ensures a reliable and long-lasting bond. Its versatility allows it to be used on multiple substrates, making it a top choice for both new construction and renovation projects.

For your next construction or renovation project, embrace the power of DC Bond-Gypsum Plaster Bonding Agent and witness its magic unfold before your eyes. Say goodbye to ordinary results and welcome a new era of excellence in every space you create. Let DC Bond-Gypsum Plaster Bonding Agent be your secret to achieving outstanding, seamless finishes that will stand the test of time.

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