AQUASOL-LW is specially formulated integral liquid waterproofing compound composed of surface active plasticising agents, polymers & additives. It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar plasters. It makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation. What sets AQUASOL – LW apart from traditional surface-applied waterproofing products is its ability to provide all-around protection. By penetrating deep into the concrete or mortar matrix, it seals the capillaries and pores, effectively preventing water from seeping through. This robust waterproofing performance ensures that your buildings remain dry and free from water-related damage, no matter how harsh the weather conditions get.

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Image of AQUASOL-LW with pack photo

Typical Applications -

Waterproofing of concrete and sand-cement mortars used in
Roof slabs and screeds,
Water tanks & water retaining structures,
External plastering
Bathrooms and balconies,
Sumps and drains

Why choose AQUASOL-LW?

The Science Behind AQUASOL-LW

AQUASOL – LW is a cutting-edge solution composed of surface-active plasticising agents, polymers, and additives. These carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to create a powerful shield against water penetration. As an integral liquid waterproofing compound, AQUASOL – LW is mixed directly with concrete or mortar during the construction process, forming an inseparable bond with the building materials. This method ensures comprehensive water resistance from the inside out, as it becomes an integral part of the structure itself.


AQUASOL-LW Features:

Corrosion resistant - Makes concrete more cohesive, hence protects steel better against corrosion
Compatibility – Being a liquid, easily dispersible & compatible with concrete/mortar mixes.
Permeability – It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.
Strength – The setting time and compressive strength of the concrete remains within the specification limits.
Shrinkage – Reduces shrinkage crack development in plaster & concrete..
Workability – Improves workability of freshly mixed cement concrete.
Durability – Increases durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.
Image of AQUASOL-LW with pack photo
Image of AQUASOL-LW with pack photo

Application Instruction:

Charge cement & aggregates to concrete mixer as per the mix design, mix in dry state for 1–2 minutes.
Start addition of 75–80% mixing water & mix for 2-3 minutes.
AQUASOL - LW is added as per the recommended dosage into the remaining mixing / gauging water, then add to concrete mixer & mix for another 2 minutes.
Place the concrete or apply plaster, as needed.
Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practices.


200 ml per 50 kg bag of cement

Shelf Life

Best before 2 years from the date manufacture when in sealed pack and stored under proper condition
Store in a cool & dry place.

Precautions & Limitations

Do not add AQUASOL - LW directly to dry cement & aggregate mix
Maintain water-cement ratio as low as possible.
Do not increase the dosage of AQUASOL - LW than the recommendation.
Image of AQUASOL-LW with pack photo


DISCLAIMER: The product information & application details given by the company & its agents has been provided in good faith & meant to serve only as a general guideline during usage. Users are advised to carry out tests & take trials to ensure on the suitability of products meeting their requirement prior to full scale usage of our products. Since the correct identification of the problems, quality of other materials used and the on-site workmanship are factors beyond our control, there are no expressed or implied guarantee / warranty as to the results obtained. The company does not assume any liability or consequential damage for unsatisfactory results, arising from the use of our products.

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